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  • Private Build Service: One Button Set-Up

    As a developer, I want a one-button set up experience for a private build service node, so that I can quickly and easily power pro-active reverse dependency builds for my own application.

  • CVE Mapped to Packages

    Be able to programmatically map CVE's issued to individual dependencies in the build chain.

  • New Tutorial for Building and Running Your own Application for the First Time

    How it should work: this new tutorial aims at helping the new Habitat users understand how Habitat builds and runs applications/services at a high level. It teaches the foundational knowledge necessary to use Habitat with a recommended happy path. At the same time, it should show the flexibility Habitat offers for customized build and runtime behaviors and integration with the developer workflow/tools.

  • Build a Scaffolding for PHP

    As a developer, I want a scaffolding for PHP that follows common best practices for the management and deployment of a PHP application, so that I can get started and be successful with Habitat quickly.

  • Windows Packages in Depot

    Have Windows packages available in the depot for users to use, and share to build and manage their Windows applications and services.

  • Github Auto-Build Hook

    As a Builder user, I want to choose a Git branch to monitor for changes and, when a change is made, automatically issue a build and publish a new artifact to a depot, so I always have a package for the latest HEAD of the given branch

    Criteria of acceptance

    A project can be configured to watch a branch (master by default)
    Pushing a commit to the watched branch automatically builds and uploads a new .hart to the depot

  • Streaming Log Output

    When a build is initiated we need to stream the output as close to realtime to a subscribing client on the builder-api gateway. The initial subscriber we should develop for is the builder-web client.

    Once a job is complete we will need to store those logs in some sort of long term storage solution.

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